Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Things To Remember When Creating a Site Map

  • Use plain text links.
Search engine spiders can have a more difficult time "seeing" JavaScript. To receive the most benefits from having a site map, make sure that the links are created as plain text links!

  • Things To Remember When Creating a Site Map
There isn't a lot of sense in creating a site map if you don't put a text link to it on the front page of your site where site visitors and search engine spiders can easily find it.

  • Use anchor text links.
Use your exact page titles so that you can take advantage of anchor text back links. Once again this will increase link popularity for your site.

  • Add descriptive content.
Many search engines don't like pages that are filled only with links. By adding descriptive content (much like search engines do) you can have a page filled with links and still have relevant content.

  • Organize into categories.
Remember that your site map isn't created just for search engines. Organize your site map into categories. By following the structure of a table of contents that you'd find in the front of a book, you'll make it much easier for your visitors to find what they are looking for!

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